Getting Going With The Virtual Doodle Inn

Sunday 16th May 2021 17:30

Over the past month I’ve scheduled in Virtual Doodle Inn sessions on a few days each week. Times have been varied each day to ensure doodlers from different time zones around the World can find a slot to suit them, and so far I’ve been joined by doodlers from as far afield as New Zealand, and as (relatively!) close as Scotland, as well as folk from the US, the Netherlands and Germany. And we’ve had fun!

For me, feeling that I’m accountable, having scheduled a session, to turn up and join in has proved to be a real boon.

Getting Back To Drawing

During the height of the pandemic here I found I was so afraid of ‘taking my eye off the ball’ of focussing 24/7 on news and advice on keeping safe, I didn’t dare take time out to do any drawing at all. It reached a point at the start of this year where I wondered if I’d ever get back to it. By just turning up to each session, the Virtual Doodle Inns have given me the space to do exactly what I promote as their purpose! I’ve taken a bit of time out, and I’ve drawn, doodled – even played with a bit of watercolour paint, just seeing where it would take me. And I feel so much better.

I’m working long hours on the whole Doodle Inn project seven days a week at the moment, particularly here on the website, and on designing materials, and doing lots of research online. Having the Virtual Doodle Inns to break the flow of technology focussing is proving invaluable. After each session – after a couple of hours of doodling with pens and pencils and even paint – I’m ready to get back to work, and my creative juices are flowing to tackle website and marketing design work again.

Doodle Inn Is Doing Its Job!

As I write this I’m smiling with amusement at my own slight surprise that dropping in to a Doodle Inn – even a Virtual one – is proving to be beneficial in exactly the way I knew it would be!

If you’d like to give yourself a little time to doodle in good company too, come along at one of the scheduled opening times. You’ll find them here.