It’s a bit old skool here at Doodle Inn HQ, and things are kept as simple and safe as possible.

So… no contact forms with dodgy security, and no requests for your personal details.

If you’d like to get in touch, send an email!

It’s always a joy to hear from current or future Doodlers, but spammers are not welcome, so the best way to give the email address to you here is not in the usual email format, but in the way that it sounds.


All you need to do is type it into your email address bar in the usual email address format, with the @ symbol replacing the word [at] and a . replacing the [dot].

Of course robots are getting cleverer by the day and will probably figure this ‘trick’ out soon, but in the meantime…

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“Drawing helps me…

… to feel connected, part of something basic and timeless. Not having drawn for a time, I feel that now; I can identify what was missing.”

“Drawing and doodling…

…are very meditative for me. They make me feel calm and relaxed, and bring out my creative energy. The more I draw the more creative I get in other areas of my life too.“

“My sketchbooks…

…are a record of happy moments, of quotes that have inspired me in the down moments, of friends, and of my evolution as an artist (with a small ‘a’!).“