Where Can I Find A Doodle Inn

Covid-19 Update

During the current Covid-19 pandemic, sadly all Doodle Inns out in the real world are closed.

When restrictions are lifted, you will find a growing list of Doodle Inns, Worldwide, here on the website; locations, accessibility, opening times, etc. In the meantime, you can still join in no matter where you are, because…

Doodle Inn Has Gone Virtual!

… a Virtual Doodle Inn was brought online on 1st March 2021.

Like all Doodle Inns it’s free to access, but it does have more limited opening times. However, there are sessions to suit all timezones throughout each week.

To find out more, click here.

Could You Set Up A Doodle Inn?

While the real world Doodle Inns aren’t open, it’s the perfect time to plan. Why not think about where it might be possible to set up a Doodle Inn, when all the restrictions on safe distancing are lifted, in a place you’re responsible for or involved with.

Find out more about how it all works, by clicking here.

Discover How Drawing Is Good For You!

And in the meantime, although we may not be able to get together in real life just yet, why not begin drawing today. Join us in a Virtual Doodle Inn, and maybe start your own sketchbook journal?

It’s as simple as looking around you and drawing where you are right now.

Find out some of the ways in which drawing is so good for you here.

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“Drawing helps me…

… to feel connected, part of something basic and timeless. Not having drawn for a time, I feel that now; I can identify what was missing.”

“Drawing and doodling…

…are very meditative for me. They make me feel calm and relaxed, and bring out my creative energy. The more I draw the more creative I get in other areas of my life too.“

“My sketchbooks…

…are a record of happy moments, of quotes that have inspired me in the down moments, of friends, and of my evolution as an artist (with a small ‘a’!).“