Doodle Inn Launches On Patreon

UPDATE 1st MAY 2021 – Thanks to the generosity of the first lovely patrons we’re now able to cover the cost of the Virtual Doodle Inn room sub so you don’t now need to have donated in order to join in a Virtual Doodle Inn. Of course any support you do feel you can offer will still be much appreciated.
Click here to find out more about the Virtual Doodle Inn

Monday 1st March 2021 9pm

While we are all restricted from gathering together in the ‘real world’ by the pandemic, work continues here at Doodle Inn HQ, planning for when we can celebrate the opening of the first Doodle Inns in some wonderful locations.

There’s lots to do, and some of it – particularly where the website is concerned – is going to need some funds to keep moving ahead…

My first idea has been to open up a Virtual Doodle Inn (more info here). This too needs financing (sigh), so I’ve launched Doodle Inn on Patreon, to make it easy for you to add your contribution and join in online for now; it also gives you the opportunity to support the Doodle Inn project’s journey.

Follow the link below to join up on Doodle Inn’s Patreon page.

By subscribing there you will gain access to the virtual Doodle Inns.

Importantly, if you’d like to, you can also add a little extra to help get the real life project up and running, ready for when the pandemic subsides and it’s safe to gather again. All but the basic first tier will ensure that, as well as Virtual Doodle Inn access, you’ll receive the latest news and updates on all things Doodle Inn.